Fence Plus services

Pipe Fencing

Fence Plus , LLC specializes in pipe fencing , custom weld work , entry ways and livestock applications. We work with ranch style fencing  more than most of our competitors. Our team has certified college graduate welders . The owner of the company was a certified welder who worked in the oil industry for 14 years doing multiple tasks.

Ranch Style Fencing

Field Fencing is becoming more popular in today’s market. It is offered in various sizes of woven wire, and can be used for cattle, horses, and small pet containment. It is also a great way to keep wild hogs out of the pastures by installing barb wire on the bottom of the fence to keep them from uprooting.

Entryway Gate

If you dream up a gate we can build it! If you want steel h braces and corners for your field fencing or barb wire we can handle that also! We love to build entry ways with various size pipes.

Custom Gates

We offer electric or manual gate installs. We use only the best gates available on the market. We make sure they are set level, and hinges are slip free. We also have options like 2 way latches, wheels, and custom design work using a cnc plasma cutter.

Land Clearing

We offer a  fleet of equipment that can clear paths for fence lines, lots for home building, large tracks dig ponds and maintain right of ways.

Forestry Mulching

Our hydro axe grinds up the underbrush or trees into wood chips such as the ones found in bags of mulch for gardening. There are several styles of hydro axes on the market, but it has been found that not all machines are equal. We use a 120hp skid steer that is capable of taking down 24 inch round trees easily.

Dirt Work

We have the capabilities and knowledge to tackle large and small projects, from horse arenas, land clearing, leveling, back fill and dirt pads. 

Metal Buildings

Our sheds are built with us knowing that your cattle or horses can be a valuable source of your income or hold a special place in your heart like a member of the family. This is why our loafing sheds would be a wise investment for your livestock.

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