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We create custom pipe fencing gates for any project.

Pipe Fencing 

Experience in Pipe Fences

Fence Plus , LLC specializes in pipe fencing , custom weld work , entry ways and livestock applications. We work with ranch style fencing  more than most of our competitors. Our team has certified college graduate welders . The owner of the company was a certified welder who worked in the oil industry for 14 years doing multiple tasks.

He has taken his skills to the next generation teaching them ranch style fencing, fabrication skills and equipment operations . With the experience of the team they can outperform their competition all while keeping  a high rate of daily production.  

As we like to say…anyone can weld, but it takes a welder to understand the process, and know what to look for in quality and safety. We also have our own fabrication shop with a CNC Plasma table to help create and design your dream gate, entry way or ranch style fence.

Six Reasons Why You May Want to Build a Pipe Fence on Your Property.


To contain livestock or pets

 A pipe fence can be used to enclose a pasture or corral and keep animals from wandering off the property. It can also be used to create a boundary around a garden or yard to keep animals out.


For security

 A pipe fence can be used to create a perimeter around a property and keep out unwanted visitors. It can also be used to create a barrier around a pool or other potentially hazardous area to prevent accidents.


To define property lines

A pipe fence can be used to mark the boundaries of a property and establish a clear separation from neighboring properties.


To increase privacy

A pipe fence can provide a sense of privacy and seclusion, especially if it is tall enough to block the view of passersby.


For decoration

A pipe fence can add a decorative touch to a property and can be painted or stained to match the color scheme of the home or ranch. It can also be designed in a variety of styles to suit the owner's preferences.


To increase property value

A well-maintained pipe fence can improve the overall appearance of a property and potentially increase its value.

So why choose Fence Plus for your pipe fencing needs?

Quality materials

We use only the highest-quality materials to ensure that your fence is strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Custom design

Our team will work with you to design a custom pipe fence that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Experienced professionals

Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your fence is installed correctly and to the highest standards.

Excellent customer service

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience. We are always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Versatility of Pipe Fencing

We offer many styles of pipe fencing to suit your needs.

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Customer Reviews

Service: Lot clearing David McGann | Google Review

We had two maybe three acres of bamboo up to 3 and 4 inches thick and the entire area was strewn with metal and plastic junk some of which was partially buried. Also there was considerable rolls of 3/8 inch galvanized cable, copper wire, and what seemed like miles of coax. There was also a lot of black poly pipe. These guys brought in a hydro axe and an excavator. In two and a half days they made short work of it and did all of the for a reasonable price and in great time. We have more to do and we will definitely use them again.

Services: Lot clearing, Deer fencing & Ranch Rail Bohn "Pecos" Phillips | Google Review

Highest recommendation Andrew and his crew were awsome. We had a large ranch fence job with a lot of heavy clearing involved. We had to make many decisions and changes as the job progressed. Andrew gave us an estimate and amazingly came in right on target plus changes. He worked with us every step of the way to help us figure out the best course of action whenever we ran into a surprise, and with dense woods and a pond involved, there were several. At the end we were extremely happy and grateful for all his help. Thanks, guys!

Service: Lot clearing, Fencing Melinda Mimms | Facebook Review

Andrew and his crew did a great job fencing my 2 acres. They did a beautiful job clearing the property and were great at keeping an open line of communication with us regarding any unanticipated issues. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for fence work or land clearing!

Service: Gate Entrance Stephen Koch | Facebook Review

Andrew and his crew were very professional and provided great quality work at a fair price. Our fence and front gate entrance look fantastic. I would highly recommend Fence + for your fence needs. Quality work at a fair price with honest people is hard to come by now days.

    Why We are the best in town.

    Pipe Fencing FAQ

    Steel Pipe Fence: You should expect to replaced after about 25 years. This is after individual sections (pipe rail fence and posts) have been replaced due to rusting through and you would have repainted it throughout the years. Using a used oil field drill stem.

    Pipe fencing is ideally suited for farm and ranch applications because of its strength, versatility, and durability. How strong pipe fencing can be depends on the quality of material used for your project along with quality weld work. It’s also best to ensure the strength by post driving or hammer driving the pipe instead of the traditional methods of auger and cementing . We use only new structural pipe to ensure there is no radioactive pipe near your livestock, it is critical you select the right pipe fencing contractor. At Fence Plus we prioritize quality on all our services, so you can trust your new fence will be safe and strong for the environment and your livestock.

    Yes! Because we’re a full-service contractor, covering Walker and Montgomery county we source all of our own materials for pipe fencing, gates and entry ways. We have personal sales reps with manufacturers  to order through to ensure  the best cost.

    If you’re considering a pipe fence use the Mysalesman link on our site to schedule an estimate and to get a rough cost. However you need to know where you want the fence. If it’s on a property line ensure there are no problems with a neighbor, and county or city codes. Also verify there are no hazards or concerns for underground utilities.  If the fence line needs to be cleared and cleaned that’s not a problem. We have our own equipment to assist in land clearing and dirt work. Our most common tool is a hydro axe mulcher . We ask that you have a valid survey as we are not responsible for finding property lines. If you have a long distance we recommend a new survey being placed every few hundred feet to ensure us and you that we are putting your investment on your property.